How to open TSA lock from Japan! <English version>


I bought a suitcase, but "I do not know how to open the TSA lock!😥"  Now that I know how to open it, I will introduce it!!



You can open it by pressing here!

The suitcase I bought is here. On the side of this suitcase was a TSA lock like this.



I suddenly thought ... "I do not know how to open the TSA lock !!!!"😭


The key is open but ... I tried to press it in various ways, but I can not unlock it!

There was no manual, and I was struggling without knowing even if I checked it online, but I finally understood how to open it❗❗


I just pushed it up💦



Video <How to open TSA lock>

Manager of the suitcase maker using TSA Lock!


Please also include a manual on how to open the TSA lock‼


*Thank you for reading this blog😄

ARIGATO !!!! 🗻🎍👘⛩